Thursday, April 29, 2010

the mold!

We were in the States for four months (Dec-April). During that time, we kept our apartment in China. We had a friend staying there making sure the fish were fed and the apartment was taken care of. However, even though we had someone living there, we didn't get around the plague that hit everyone in China, rich or poor, really small apartment or huge, expensive house--the mold. The buildings are made of concrete over here, and it was cold for a few months. The weather then heated up really quickly causing the buildings to sweat. Some people told us they had water constantly running down their walls. Combine that problem with 100% humidity and you get mold--green, black, white, and yellow!--growing everywhere.

The person staying in our apartment cleaned most of the areas where he was staying. When we walked in, we didn't see much except for some on the ceiling. However, the little second bedroom we used for junk (which will be our baby room) was covered pretty badly. But other than that, we thought we had gotten off pretty easily....until we started opening up things.

EVERYTHING in anything was covered. I am STILL washing every piece of clothing that we left here. If the clothing itself didn't have mold growing all over it, it was next to a piece that did, leaving it smelling horrible. Poor Ryan--he washed all of the furniture, inside and out, and all of the walls and ceilings. I'm so thankful for a husband like him!

As of right now, we are mostly mold free. It's growing back in several places, but we're trying to stay on top of it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Spatula in the Bathroom

Our apartment is great....small, but great. We moved into this one seven months ago and have really enjoyed buying furniture and painting to make it more homey. But there are several things about this place that take getting used to. One of them being the window in the bathroom.
Our landlords had remodeled our place before we moved in, so we basically got a "brand new" apartment, and for apartments over here, that's a great blessing! But when they did, they pushed out the balconies and made them part of the living space. So before, the bathroom window opened up to the outdoors. Now it opens up to the expanded kitchen. And because of the humidity problem we have in the house, we have to keep that window open as much as possible. It makes it easy to check on my baking while I'm showering, though, "Uh, Ryan, the bread looks like it's burning. Can you go in and put it on the lower rack?"
Anyway, I was putting the dishes away in the kitchen when I dropped the spatula into the bathroom. Hence my facebook status a few days ago about the kitchen spatula on the shower floor.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Intro to Blogging

After having it suggested to us a few times, we decided to start a blog! We hope you enjoy reading and seeing some of what we get to experience over here. I feel like I already have so many stories to share, so hopefully we'll keep the posts coming.