Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three "Shocking" Stories ;)

We're having a little trouble with electricity this go around in China. And our problems are seeming to get progressively worse. We've had three different instances with electrical burning and/or exploding. Let's hope we're through with that, though!

1) Our scooter.

We've run this thing into the ground. We've had it for over a year, and use it constantly. It's been really good to us. But when we came back, we were warned from our friend that borrowed it from us that it had been having overheating problems. Really? It never did that with must have been doing something wrong. We learned quickly, though, when we were trying to cut off some buses by driving up the opposite side of the road, that our scooter does indeed overheat. The scooter made a really loud engine sound, stalled in the oncoming traffic lane (right as they got their green), and started smoking and smelling like burning plastic. Ryan waddled it to the middle where we sat and waited for traffic, then waddled us to the side of the road to let it cool off. Once the smoke stopped and it cooled off for awhile, we took off again. It's done it a few more times, so now we are shopping around for another one.

2) Mom's transformer

Ryan brought his dad's XBox back to China with us this time. Since China uses 220volts and America uses 110, we needed something to keep the XBox from exploding (we would NEVER just plug it straight into the wall...right? Okay, maybe we learned our lesson with the Wii last year). We borrowed my mom's transformer that she uses every day just to test it out to see if it would work with the XBox. It seemed to work great, but ten minutes later, the XBox shuts down, there's a loud pop to the right of the TV, and again we smell burning plastic and see a little fire then a lot of smoke. We cooked the transformer, and have had a hard time getting one to replace it for mom.

3) The electric cord

We charge our electric scooter out back by throwing a long cord that Ryan made out of our bedroom window. It's worked great for nine months now, except someone pulled it out of our second story window last week and stole it when it wasn't connected to the scooter. So he decided to make another one. He told me that the plug ends were a little different this time than the ones he had bought last year, but he still thought it was okay. He put it all together and wanted to test it out on the outlet that we plug our computer and speakers into. I told him to try it on another outlet that we don't use as much. So he went to the bathroom outlet, which was just out of my line of sight. But I still saw the explosion of light and heard a LOUD pop! Ryan slowly came back around the corner holding the plug (no longer connected to the cord!!) with his eyes wiiiide open. That thing blew up, and with such force that it broke the plug away from the cord! I am SO thankful that nothing worse happened. He promptly took it to the man he had bought the pieces from, paid another $1.40, and got the guy to put it all together for him.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hanging Out...the Window.

We don't have much room to hang clothes for just the two of us, so we needed an extra line out our bedroom window for our cloth diapers whenever we start going through ten a day! The problem is, we could only get outside from the right side of the window, and we had to loop the cord around the left side of the security cage. The left side screen was NOT opening.

I reached. Ryan reached. We reached with a spaghetti scoop (my idea--didn't work). So I decided to climb out the window. I got about halfway to the other side when one of the bars on the cage underneath me broke from my additional weight (I would have been fine pre-pregnancy, right?). So I finally decided to listen to my husband and go back inside. Then he tried :) He was squished out there, but he did it!

Thanks, babe. You do so much for me!