Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Leave of Absence

Okay, okay...I know it's been awhile. Are you ready for my list of excuses?

1st Excuse: Work!

All right, I'll admit. This one hasn't taken up too much of my time. I'm helping Captivating International, Ryan's job, to have a better web presence. It has not been hard, and I've enjoyed seeing the numbers grow on our Facebook Page. I've also been helping a little with the auction/fundraiser next month for the Seng Girls' Home ( While I've been not-so busy with this, Ryan's been working on his project for them. Last year, Captivating helped families out of poverty by planting walnut trees in the high altitudes of Sichuan. The families are able to harvest the walnuts and sell them to provide for their families. This year, they will be planting in Gansu.

Beautifully remote, isn't it?

2nd Excuse: Chinese!

We've been working really hard with learning Chinese. It's difficult! Thanks to Bart Beverly, Ryan's good friend in the States, we've been working through Rosetta Stone on the computer and practicing what we learn out with the community. So far, we've made a lot more progress now than we did with a Chinese tutor last year.

But even though we do this every day, it still isn't the reason I haven't posted in a while.

3rd Excuse: Rylan Isaiah!

Here he sweet boy! He is almost four months old. He was born in a local hospital here in Shenzhen. I couldn't understand any of the doctors in the delivery room, but thankfully my sister Hayley was there who could translate for me. The delivery rooms in the hospital here are just one big room, so all of the women who are delivering are in there together. We didn't think it would be possible to find a place that Ryan could come in and be a part of the delivery. Thankfully, we have a friend who is a friend of someone on staff at the hospital we went to (that's how things work here!), and they let us use the private delivery room reserved for special situations. Ryan, my mom, and my sister all got to be in the delivery room while two more sisters, Lacey and Juley, were waiting patiently in the hospital.

Being pregnant and having a baby here was a little scary at times. I was told very bluntly when I was about 5 weeks pregnant that "You baby maybe is dead" when I got a test result back. They couldn't explain anything else to me because I couldn't understand! So I took my sister with me from then on. It was more like a do-it-yourself pregnancy. Google became my best friend at times. And like I said, I couldn't understand the doctors for the delivery. But I trusted that my Father has everything planned out. It turned out to be a fantastic experience all around, and I would do it all again (I'm hoping to, at least!). :)

So that's what has kept me busy....with Excuse #3 being the biggest (and best!) reason. I'll try hard to keep this updated now that I've been able to practice managing everything with a little one at home.