Thursday, October 21, 2010

One letter off....

Ryan loves to collect our change. He puts the 1RMB coins in a coffee can. After it's full, we count it up. The first time we did this, we took a few hundred worth to the bank, expecting them to put it in some sort of a change machine to count it. We handed it to the lady, and her face fell as she started counting by hand and making little stacks all over her desk. We felt so bad about that!

Another year passed, and it was time to count the coffee can again! Ryan stacked it all up on our was nearly 600RMB worth of change (a little under US$100)! We didn't want the bank lady to have to do so much work again, so I individually wrapped each stack in saran wrap. At least they could count the stacks first, then open them to check the coins to make sure they were all genuine 1RMB coins. My intent was really to make it easier on them.

So Ryan went to our bank. He showed them one stack and told them "I have 600 coins." Or so he thought. His word was one letter off, so basically he told them "I want 600 coins." They said no. He said yes. They said no, they can't. He said "You are a bank. You can!" They said, "Go to another bank." He said, "But this is my bank!" Trying to stop his frustration before it started, he lifted up his bookbag filled with neatly saran-wrapped coins and asked if they could just deposit it then, instead of giving him cash for it. The light went on with the bank manager. He HAS 600 coins. Okay okay! They were quite impressed that he had collected so many. Twice, a different bank employee pulled him aside and said, "Can I ask you a personal question? How did you get so many coins?!"

And they opened up all of my little stacks, poured all six hundred out in a pile on the table, and THEN counted and stacked them.