Sunday, August 14, 2011

You'll Thank Me...

...for not posting a picture with this one. Chinese people get car sick ALL of the time. I've never seen so much throw up as I have here. I remember one day during my first year here, I saw four different people throw up. It's not uncommon at all to get off the bus and see a pile where someone juuuuust made it off the bus and then let it all go.
Last week we were trying to get familiar with the bus routes around our new apartment (guess I should post some pictures of that!), and we got off the bus for the first time at one of the stops near our home. Even before I stepped off the bus, I smelled it. We got off, and I looked around. There were FOUR very different piles at that bus stop. That's a record that I don't want to top!

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  1. we want a picture ... we want a picture ... we want ... well ... maybe not ... 我深深的感谢你 (one of my new phrases :)