Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's for dessert?

Chinese people generally don't like to eat sweet things. They would rather gnaw on freeze-dried, spicy chicken feet than grab a Snickers. So when Dunkin Donuts opened up here with their slightly less-sweet versions of some of the donuts they sell in America, I guess they were still too sweet. So after a few weeks, the bad boy on the right popped up on the shelf: the Pork Floss Donut. It's called 'targeting your local market.' Can you get more of a Chinese donut than that?

Its Chinese cousin, the slightly better sesame seed & nut donut (it's not in the picture, but I felt like a bird after I sampled that one) have been staples on the shelf for over a year now.

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  1. LOL ... nice :) i DO miss real dunkin donuts as well. making me drool thinking about it :). hope we will cross paths this year