Friday, October 28, 2011

Lael's Birth Story

Four days before my due date, I felt like something was wrong. I was dizzy, seeing spots, and my ankles were swelling quickly. Since I had had a family member with preeclampsia during her pregnancy, so I knew to think about my blood pressure. Sure enough, it was climbing quickly on Friday. We finally decided to head to the hospital Friday night.

When we arrived at the hospital, my blood pressure was 152/119. We figured we would get prompt medical care for what we thought was a serious situation, but instead...

...we sat for hours at the nurses station, while I monitored my own blood pressure.
Not only did the head doctor refuse to treat this as an emergency situation, she didn't even come over and check me until we were there for almost an hour. Since I was the one who thought this was a serious situation, they were leaving it up to me--they could give me a c-section right then if I wanted one, or I could wait. They wouldn't induce me, though, because my BP was too high for that.

They said if I did a c-section, they needed to do at least two hours worth of tests beforehand, so I said at least we could go through the tests and then decide. They came and took my blood, then it sat there on the counter the rest of the time we were there. I never got the results back from this test. I wonder what happened to those four vials.

(this was sitting next to me at the nurse's station the whole time) All thanks to the Lord, my blood pressure amazingly came down enough to where we thought we could try for an induction in the morning. So after waiting and being mocked several times by the head doctor in front of her nurses (I was having a hard time being patient with her), we decided to salvage the rest of the night, sleep, and meet our little girl in the morning.

The hospital had 50 beds, but 63 women staying overnight. They let us stay in the private delivery room for the night. As soon as we left that head doctor and headed to our (delivery) room for the night, our experience was completely different. The little nurse back here was adorable using hand motions to try to talk to me :) We had learned from Rylan's delivery that the beds here are basically boards, so our friends let us bring their mattress. Ryan slept on the little delivery bed. The nurse kept telling him to be careful or he would break it :)

3:15am--bedtime. We were waiting for our 9am induction, but God had other plans. After about twenty minutes of sleep for me, at 5:15am, my water broke a little. Lael was coming three days early (just like Rylan, except he broke my water at 5:30am)!
Mild contractions started about 5:45am, but I let Ryan sleep. At 8:30, the head doctor (a different one for the day shift) made me wake Ryan up. We needed to move to the laboring room so they could clean the delivery room for us.

The hospital blankets. :)

In the laboring room around 8:30am...I was in here with three other women. Chinese women stay in bed, lie flat on their backs, and are usually silent in labor. I was up walking (and not silent!)--I had a noon deadline for this baby! If she would come before noon, she would be an October baby for here, but a September baby for the States. I walked around and jumped in bed when a contraction came. I did that for about an hour, then got to the point that I just wanted to stay in bed--no more walking for me.

(The plastic shoes we had to wear :) I was 1cm at 8:30, and at 10:30, I was 4cm. They said I was ready to go back to the delivery room. They brought a bed to take me there, but I wanted to walk. I couldn't find my shoes, so I started down the hall barefoot. I got quite the reaction, but I didn't want to waste precious non-contraction time looking for shoes. I wanted to be back in bed on my left side before the next one came!

Lacey and Hayley. Hayley, the only one of us who speaks Chinese (therefore, an absolute necessity for me!!), was told by the first head doctor that she could not be in there for delivery to help me because she was pregnant. We told her that the main head doctor in charge of the delivery floor had already ok-ed her being in there. She replied, "Well, she's not here right now, so 'no'." Thankfully, she wasn't on duty when I went into labor, so Hayley got to be in there.

In the delivery room. Little did we know, but I only had about thirty minutes left!

15 more minutes!!

And she's here!!!! Lael Hope Morgan was born on October 1st, at 11:18am. She was 7lb 10oz and 21 inches long.

Proud dad :)

She came out face up, so she didn't have the usual cone head, but her forehead was purple for hours.

They don't wash the babies off here until the next day, so she got her cute blanket all dirty.

Lael Hope Morgan. Lael (pronounced lay-EL) is a Hebrew name for "Belonging to God."

Hi sweet girl!!

Meeting Daddy

She's 30 minutes old here.

It's hard to hold a baby on such a small bed!

The nurses felt it safe now to get out their cell phones and start taking pictures :)

Me and my support team!! I couldn't have done it without them!! My sister Hayley, my mom, Ryan, and my sister Lacey.

Finally resting in our amazingly large VIP suite (and this room really was VIP quality for China, not like the 'VIP' room we had at the other hospital for Rylan!). We are so thankful to the Lord for starting my labor naturally and making a very scary situation end up wonderfully.

After her first bath.

This is NOT our baby, but this is baby swimming. We were planning on doing this with Lael, but they said we had to stay an extra day so she would be three days old to do this. I wanted to GO HOME, so we skipped this part. I thought it would have made some cute pictures of her.

I loved seeing Rylan's expressions. I said she was a baby, so now he calls her "bai-ee."

At home, Day 3. Ryan's gearing up to give me my injection. Last time we brought these from the States, this time we bought it in Hong Kong. I need it because my blood type is negative, and Ryan's is positive. Chinese are 99% positive, so they don't have this medicine in China. We were both nervous about him giving this to me (okay, me more than him), because he had one 'shot' to get it right--that injection cost more than Lael's entire hospital bill!

We praise the Lord, the Giver of Life, for our little blessing, Lael Hope Morgan.