Friday, November 25, 2011

Desperate Times... for desperate measures!! Ryan just takes that to the extreme sometimes.

Last year, some great people in Shenzhen organized a 10K at midnight to benefit the charity that employs Ryan, Captivating International. Ryan didn't train at all, ran the 10K at midnight, and had to speak the next morning at our fellowship. He nearly died :)

October rolled around again (quickly!), and the successful midnight 10K was organized again. Ryan had weeks to train. I won't tell you how many times he went out running before the night of the 10K, but let's just say he wasn't prepared and was dreading it. A few days before the race, I came down with a cold and Ryan said he wasn't feeling the best. I wondered if maybe this would really be a blessing. He could get sick and be unable to run! But no, he woke up feeling fine the next day.

The morning before the race, he headed out the door to the office. He usually takes the scooter around the mountain since it's faster than waiting on the bus. I understand that he likes to take the scooter, but it always makes me say an extra prayer for safety. Since we moved to 'the other side of the mountain,' we're off a busy trucking highway. It's a slower moving highway, but still pretty busy. He has to ride on part of it to get around the mountain. We've already had several close calls on the scooter and in taxis.
He called me after he got there and explained what happened on his way over. A bicycle was up ahead of him on the right going the same direction as he was. The man on the bike made a sharp left turn without looking (it seems like they NEVER look over here!), causing Ryan to throw on the breaks. Between that and some gravel on the road, he wrecked. He flew over the handlebars and rolled in the middle of the road. He ripped his thick backpack, his shoe flew off, and he banged himself up. Thankfully, he was fine. No injuries to the head (or the laptop in his bag!). I don't know if the guy on the bike ever realized what he had caused because he never stopped.

Even though he was fine, he was so sore and stiff. That night, whenever he rolled over, he groaned in his sleep. There was no way he was in any condition to run a 10K the next day, so he had to opt out. What timing!

He had a few errands to run the day of the 10K. He was slow moving, but he could still get out of the house. As he headed out the door to the grocery store, he paused and said to me, dead serious, "I am so thankful I wrecked my scooter!" I never thought I would hear him say that. And I don't want to see how he tries to get out of the 10K next year!